Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram is a top-rated school in Tamilnadu which primarily focuses on health care. The school emphasizes a lot of health factors for students. We offer a healthful environment for our students. We take special care to keep the children healthy, not only physically but also mentally. We offer a nutritious and healthy diet for the students instructed by health experts. Healthy habits are encouraged. Physical and mental activities like yoga and meditation are a part of our curriculum. Provision for Sports facility is given continuously. Moreover, school health programs are held to make sure that the children are healthy. Doctor’s daily visit the school for a periodic health check. Each teacher and staffs take responsibility for monitoring the health of the students. They are open to listening to the ward’s concern always.

Nurse all illness are reported to the resident nurse and doctor on duty through the day and night. There is a sickbay, where sick students are admitted and taken care of..

The Mess:

Nutritious vegetarian food is served in the dining hall common for teachers and pupils. Student representatives are members of the menu committee that suggests changes if necessary monthly..


The tuck shop sells toiletries, biscuits and other eatables of popular brands. No junk food is permitted inside the campus. These purchases are billed to the student's imprest account. All purchases by students are monitored by the dorm line parent and tucks are provided at the tuck shop. Therefore no pocket money is required..


Dhobis attend to laundry twice a week, under the supervision of a matron who maintains order and ensures that there is no loss of clothes. There is a laundry unit with washing machines for daily washing by ayahs.

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