The members of the staff are well qualified and trained.

Interaction with subject experts and the teaching fraternity from other reputed schools are arranged periodically to update their knowledge and skills continuously.

Buoyant and cheerful in disposition, they are a team highly motivated to impart of their best, to children entrusted to their care.

School Session

There are two semesters July-November and January-May, with eight weeks of winter vacation and six weeks of summer vacation. All national and religious festival are celebrated in Vidyashram and treated as working days.


Principal: -

Mathematics Department:
  1. Mrs.Banu Sundersekar.B.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.,
  2. Mr.J.S.Hariharan, B.Sc (Maths), B.Ed.,
Computer Science Department:
  1. Mrs.Deepika Devi.,M.Sc(Comp.Sci)., (H.O.D)
  2. Mr.T.Anandha Krishnan., M.Sc.,B.Ed.,
  3. Mrs.K.Rajitha, B.Sc (Phy), M.Sc (C.Sc)
CCE Co-ordinator:
  1. Mr.G.Sridhar, MBA, PGDCA,
Science Department:
  1. Mrs.G. Sumathy,M.Sc(Bio),B.Ed.,(HOD)
  2. Mr.N.Esakkimuthu.,M.Sc.,(Che),B.Ed.,
  3. Mr.H.Gopala Krishnan, M.Sc(Phy).,B.Ed.,
  4. Mrs.Rajeshwari .,M.Sc(phy).,B.Ed.,
  5. Mrs.V.Gowri , M.Sc(Bio).,B.Ed.,
English Department:
  1. Mrs.K.Anitha, M.A., M.phil. B.Ed., (HOD)
  2. Mrs.L.Ezhil., M.A., M.phil. B.Ed.,
  3. Mrs.Meera Rajkumar., M.A, M.phil. (Eng.), B.Ed.,
  4. Mrs.Shiji.K.R, M.A., (Eng.), M.Ed.,
  5. Miss.Prabavathi, M.A., (Eng.), B.Ed.,
Social Science Department:
  1. Mrs.Gerald Maria Rosalina,M.A.,(Eco).,B.Ed.,(HOD)
  2. Mr.T.V.Sukumaran, M.A.,(Eco).,B.Ed.,
Hindi / Sanskrit Department:
  1. Mrs.Hemalata Gaur.,M.A.,B.Ed.,
Tamil Department:
  1. Mr.R. Senthilkumar.,M.A.,B.Ed.,(H.O.D).,
Commerce Department:
Physical Education Department:
  1. Mr.P.Vijayakumar,B.A.,B.P.Ed.,PGDY(HOD)
  2. Miss.N.Elakiya.,M.P.Ed.,
  1. Mr.M.Manoj Prabhakaran, B.A(Economics), M.LIS,
Music & Dance:
Art Department:
  1. Mr.R.Mothilal.,M.A.,BFA In Painting.,
  1. Mr.S.Baskaran. M.Com. PGDFM - Administrative Officer.
  2. Mr.S. Surya Deepan., M.Com-, PGDCA - Accounts Assistant.
  3. Mr.C.Rajendran - Campus Supervisor.
  1. Mrs.M.Bamadevi
1. Mode of payment of Salary  
  i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing State Bank of India Kodaikanal
  ii) Through single cheque transfer advice single cheque transfer
  iii) Individual cheque -
  iv) cash -
2. Details of Salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/non-teaching staff(to be updated time to time)
SCALE OF PAY Grade pay % of DA Allowances EPF contribution
PRT 10000-200-12000-400-14000-600-17000   - 20% 10% 12%
TGT 13000-250-15500-450-17750-650-21000   - 20% 10% 12%
PGT 14000-300-17000-500-19500-700-23000   - 20% 10% 12%