Dear Parent, Our Vidyashram closes for winter vacation on 15th Nov 2018 at the end of 1st term of the academic year 2018-19. The Parents Teacher Association meeting will be held on 15th Nov 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in the school AV room. Also class PTA will be held between 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 am at Prof. T.S. Sadasivan Hall. It is compulsory for all parents to attend the meeting. The out pass will be given only after the meeting at 12:00 p.m. on 15th Nov 2018. The students of classes IX to XII are required to report for II term 2018-19 on 4th Jan 2019. The regular classes for them will start on 5th Jan 2019 onwards. No Out Pass will be given for Pongal Festival for students of class IX to XII. However the students of class IV to VIII will report on 16th Jan 2019 and the regular classes will start on 17th Jan 2019. Kindly ensure the II term fees is paid on or before 25th Dec 2018 without fail. The admission into the Dorm / class will be entertained only on payment of school fees. Students are not authorised to bring Smartphones to school and hence parents are advised not to handover Smartphones. Parents are requested to give their suggestions / feedbacks to e-mail ID: and Kindly check our school website regularly for updates:

Circular for Parents

Dear Parent, As per recent Central Government, CBSE & Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan rules, Please follow the following guidelines: 1. Do not pay cash to anyone at school. School management cannot be responsible for cash payment. 2. Pay via Bank Transfer, at par Cheques, Demand Draft or Deposit into the School Bank Account directly. Name of Account: Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram Account Number: 11079323043 (savings a/c) Name of the bank: State Bank of India Branch: Kodaikanal IFS Code: SBIN 0000799 3. Please inform the mode of payment along with evidence for payment to Office email or in-person/telephone to Accounts Assistant or Administrative Officer. 4. Please insist on official receipt for the entire amount paid. 5. Please do not give cash (pocket money) to students, house parents or any other employee of the School. If you wish to give pocket money, let it be deposited in the school bank account. This will be given to the students when they need the money and as per school rules. 6. Do not order material online or otherwise on COD (cash on delivery) basis. The School will not pay cash for the material when it is delivered. The material will be returned. 7. If you have any feedback, suggestions or complaints, please use the suggestion box that is kept in the school dining hall or e-mail to: 8. Entire School fees and reimbursement of students’ expenses must be paid within 15 days on receipt of bill from School. Students are not authorized to bring Smartphones to school and hence parents are advised not to handover Smartphones.


circular for parents

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