• May 2020

Boarding School

Boarding schools fortify students into a community that not only aims to prepare students for academic skills or sports but also boosts character development and future. The custom of sending children to boarding schools in India has existed for centuries. Majority of boarding schools today appeal to students and families who want the best possible education, Physical and military training. In boarding school, students learn some priceless life skills that help them outside the school. These values even parents and teachers fail to teach.


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram is one of the few remaining, traditional, boarding schools in Kodaikanal, TamilNadu and support the long-distance pupils as well as more flexible boarding options for local children. The Boarding House provides a supportive and caring environment for pupils to spend time with their friends enjoying a range of activities and trips. Boarding in our School will increase your child’s independence and providing holistic education to students. Health care, catering and the strong leadership of the school were all specifically mentioned. The Boarding ideology of the school is described as professional but also relaxed, open and homely with an emphasis placed on respecting each other and showing courtesy and good manners to everyone.

Why choose Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools are good places to bring out the best in a child and polish them to perfection. They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills which makes them great things to learn to be responsible for themselves and their possessions, developing character traits like self-reliance and independence in a community environment, 24/7 supervision & security, new cultures and learn from different perspectives all while pursuing new academic heights.

There are several factors why Residential Schools in India are special. Listed below are a no. of reasons and advantages that makes Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram as an outstanding one.

Quality Education

Boarding school offers opportunity for students to cherish intense connections with their teachers, in part due to smaller, more intimate class sizes combined with a wide range of extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to not only work closely with their teachers, but also with their buddies. Well, it’s an opportunity for students to learn a number of life skills while having access to a high-quality education with the right educational opportunities and a nurturing environment. Best methods & effective learning experiences are provided to Boarding School students that most of the brilliant minds emerge out.

Gain Independence, Confidence and Creativity

Boarding Schools imbue greater confidence and a sense of independence, creativity among them because students get a chance to learn and understand others language, religion, heritage, and culture. It also enhances the tolerance of the students to different culture and perspective.

  • Independence Students don’t just have to manage their own affairs, they learn how to live and deal with other people. They are challenged to develop their interpersonal skills because there is no hiding at boarding school.
  • Confidence Boarding School make sure to help the children to develop a positive attitude. Students will overcome their initial discomfort and become more adaptable, flexible and able to transition to different new environments.
  • Creativity The School allows the students to become:-
    1. Creative thinking skills
    2. More Disciplined and Responsible
    3. New Academic Goals etc...

Faculty Expert Guidance

The faculty consists of expert teachers who have the necessary skills that are essential for teachers in the modern world today. The teachers in boarding schools are highly trained academic experts. They are mentors, coaches and inspirational figures. The faculty give 24*7 proper attention to the students. Students can likewise connect with their educators & other administrative staff when in need. It permits a free flow of communication between them. It also ensures an understanding and clear mutual relationship between them. The school and the teachers ensure the best quality of education for the students and make every effort to achieve the same.

Curriculum Based on Cultural and Moral Values

Role of schools in inculcating moral values in the students of the top residential schools in India, students are taught to value their cultures and respect other. They always enhancing the quality of cultural awareness among school going children. This makes them a ‘centre of social & cultural learning’ which day schools are not able to give. It focuses on the overall development of children; it begins from learning all subjects mentioned in the curriculum, then graduating to the subjects of interest. Thus children studying in the Boarding Schools have a superior point of view/thought about different cultures, various societies, and religions. It helps them to understand and get easily mixed with different individuals.